How to Set Social Media Marketing in Cyprus

|| March 14, 2014

If I had a euro for every time I’ve been told how important social media is in Cyprus for any business and for any website, I’d be off vacationing in Seychelles right now. 

In this post, Air Balloon  Web design Cyprus will be covering which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track for various social media marketing channels including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, which in the end help getting our website in Cypurs or in any other place in the world more visible to internet users. It is esential for every web design company to focus in Social Media Marketing.

 Let’s get started!


Facebook provides their users with a sophisticated set of analytics that can be found through Facebook Insights (only available to brand pages).

With the abundance of metrics that Facebook Insights offers, determining what you should be tracking can be challenging. I find that the most effective approach is to understand and focus my attention on select metrics that I have identified as the most important for my company’s goals on social media.


Reach is simply the number of people who saw your post. This metric is particularly important if you’re experimenting with paid advertising. If you’re spending money on advertising, you want to make sure your investment is paying off. Once you’ve figured out your reach, I suggest checking out some mesaure tools to determine whether or not spending money on Facebook ads is a worthwhile expense for your company. It's important to reach people within your interests. For example if your company is a local business located in Paphos, or in any other city in Cyprus is crusial to reach users of that area.


If you want your company updates to show up in your followers’ newsfeeds, your followers need to be liking, commenting on, and sharing your posts.

Measuring post clicks, likes, comments and shares will give you a comprehensive idea of how engaging your fans find you.The measurement of engagement that I care about the most is shares. Similar to retweets, if followers share your content, your reach increases.

Keep in mind that the more you increase your reach, the more opportunity you have to fill the top of the funnel and impact the bottom line!

Here are some helpful Facebook engagement stats, for those of us on a journey to a more engaging Facebook page:

  • Emoticons increase comments by 33%
  • A post that includes a question increases comments by 100%
  • A post that includes a photo gets 39% more interaction
  • Posts that ask followers to “like” or “share” increase the interaction rate by 48%


Twitter currently boasts more than 550 million active users. Of these half a billion users, 67% of them are more likely to buy from brands they follow than from brands they do not. Twitter in Cyprus has not the popularity as Facebook has but still is a powerful social media for businesses in Cyprus and every website has to be intergrated with twitter.

Follower Growth

This is the change in the number of people following your company over time. The larger your reach, the more traffic you can drive to your site. It’s as simple as that.


How often are you tweeting? Keep track of how often you tweet in a set time period and compare this with your follower growth. Is there a correlation between the two? If so, make the appropriate changes so you can continue to grow your following. While plenty of blog posts suggest an ideal frequency of tweets, I strongly believe that there isn’t a “one size fits all” tweeting plan. It’s all about experimenting and testing which frequency works best for your followers.


While a huge following is great, if people don’t engage with your brand there’s not much to brag about. Low levels of engagement mean you aren’t making an impression on your followers.

Content Type

Keep a record of the type of content you tweet (pictures, links, etc) – even if it’s as basic as creating an Excel spreadsheet that includes your tweet, content type, and number of retweets and favorites. Is there a particular type of content that receives the most engagement?

Brand Mentions

In order to see how much your brand is “buzzing” in the Twitterverse, set up a twitter list that tracks your brand’s name.



With more than 540 million active monthly users, Google+ is definitely not a channel to ignore. Unfortunately, Google has made it very difficult to track a lot of useful statistics, and their API keeps third-party apps from reporting on many of these stats as well.However, there are ways to MacGyver your way to many useful KPIs. It just takes some time and patience. Google+ is new for Cypriot internet users, but it seems to rapidly grow. A lot of web design companies in Cyprus have already starterd to implement Google+ for their clients.

Follower Growth

It’s important to keep track of how much your follower base is growing on any social media, Google+ included.

+Name Mentions

Plus mentions are a great way to keep track of who is talking about your brand and what people have to say about it.

+1’s, Comments, and Shares

Keeping a close eye on the interaction each of your posts spurs can give you insight into what kind of content excites your readers. The type of content that promotes engagement on Facebook may not have the same effect on your 

Google+ followers.

Experimenting with the type of content you post and using engagement metrics as a form of feedback is a foolproof approach to improving your strategy. The easiest way to see how many +1’s, comments, and shares a post receives is to view the post in question and its post activity.